Lọc dầu máy nén khí Ingersollrand

Product Name:ingersoll rand oil filter 42888198
Product Series:Ingersoll filter series

Thông tin sản phẩm

1.Filration rate :10-15 micron .

2.Filtration efficiency:98.8%.

3.Service life is approximately:2000h.

4.Filter element of oil filter is made by the thin fiberglass,which imported from HV&Ahistrom company.



Model Original P/N
Unigy UP5-11  39329602
SSR,UP5-15~18~22     54672654
IR37PE    54672654
SSR,UP5-15~18~22     54672654/B
IR37PE    54672654/B
XF/EP/HP/XP30~50SE/ML/MM/MH/MU22~37 39907175
XF/EP/HP/XP30~50SE/ML/MM/MH/MU22~37 92740950
M22 M37 50S 42888198
M45 39911615
SIERRA-SM-132W  39911615
SIERRA-SM-250W  39911615
ML/MM/MH/MU55-75  ML/MM/MH90SE  MM90~110 39911631
M90 125S/150S/175S/200S  RHP825E 39856836
VHP400/600    MM132 99246092
VHP400/600    MM132 92740943/B 
XF/EP/HP/XP75-100/100Ⅱ 42843797
XF/EP/HP/XP75-100/100Ⅱ 42841361
XF/EP/HP/XP75-200/200Ⅱ 42843805
ML250 MM250 MM300  MM350   HPE300 92888262
ML250 MM250 MM300  MM350   HPE300 92710706
RHP825EElectric displacement compressor

VHP300E  HP365E  XP375E  P425E 36897346
EP100  VHP400SCU P600SCA   99270134
EP200 VHP700E 99274060

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